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Solar Industry Welcomes Ontario Government’s Continued Commitment to Solar Energy

Toronto, Ontario – December 2, 2013 – The Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) today welcomed the Ontario Government’s renewed commitment to the development of solar energy.

"We are pleased that the Ontario government recognizes the importance solar energy brings to Ontario’s energy mix," said John Gorman, President and CEO of CanSIA. "The Solar PV targets will provide stability to the solar market in the short-term and more importantly, create an environment that will allow the cost of solar energy to continue to decline. The Ontario government’s acknowledgement of all the solar platforms – residential and commercial rooftop and utility scale solar – shows that they recognize solar’s contribution to conservation, job creation, and balance in Ontario’s energy mix."

CanSIA believes the solar targets for large, small and residential scale PV systems are a good start in the short term, but that solar could do more. CanSIA will continue to advocate for the adoption of a solar target of 5% of electricity consumed by 2025 based on the total energy consumed.

CanSIA is encouraged to see the government’s focus on flexibility and capability to quickly respond to energy needs. One of the key benefits of solar is that it is easily integrated into communities, can be developed in strategic locations to help meet local needs, and can be installed quickly.

The government’s emphasis on conservation enabled by Ontario’s investment in smart meters is a key component of distributed solar. As the electricity consumers of tomorrow will be able to interactively manage their electricity consumption through smart grid and smart home technologies, they will also have choices to ‘self-supply’ their energy needs by installing solar systems.

Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan includes a commitment to procuring 140 MW of solar in both 2014 and 2015 through the competitive large renewable procurement process. This in addition to the 150 MW of solar (projects less than 500 KW) under the FIT program, and 50 MW of solar (less than 10 KW) under the microfit program announced in May 2013.

Solar energy enjoys the strongest and most widespread support of any electricity generation source in Ontario. The numerous benefits of solar far outweigh any cost associated with the targets. Solar energy:

  • Supports more jobs than any other energy source.
  • Has the lowest environmental footprint of any electricity resource.
  • Is straightforward to permit, deploy and decommission.
  • Is inexpensive to decommission and land can be returned to previous use.
  • Is peak load shaving and reduces the occurrence and cost of extreme summer peak prices. Energy production from solar is highly correlated with the peak times of energy consumption, therefore effectively reducing peak demand.
  • Will allow consumers of tomorrow to interactively manage their electricity have choices to 'self-supply' their energy needs by installing solar systems.
  • The development of solar in the near term can help with delays in in starting nuclear refurbishment and/or nuclear new build.

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For more information contact:
Rita Mezzanotte