H.B. White Canada Corp.

Corporate III
H.B. White Canada Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of White Construction Inc. USA. The White corporation is an experienced Renewable Energy EPC Contractor working in the solar industry across North America. White is already well-known as a leading wind energy contractor, and we bring you that same expertise in project control and cost management to achieve excellent customer satisfaction in the growing solar energy field. We offer a full range of services and provide innovative solutions to fit a wide variety of location and terrain complexities, including ground-mounted PV installations or solar parking structures that make best use of available space and maximize your return on investment. We spearhead utility-scale solar projects and our clients gain advantage from our proficiency as self-performing EPC contractors. White installs photovoltaic, crystalline, and thin film modules, fixed, tilt-mounted modules, with single or dual-axis tracking systems. Our solar power EPC services include: • Feasibility studies and resource analysis • Financial analysis and procurement capabilities • Site planning including storm water management • Electrical design for low voltage and high voltage • Racking system design and installation • Foundation design and installation • Photovoltaic (PV) systems • Assembly and erection • Underground cabling installation • Permits and approvals • Substation and interconnection facilities


70 Summerlea Rd.
Brampton , Ontario
L6T 4X3

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5-9 Years

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All of Canada

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Photovoltaic Power
Solar Commercial/Industrial Water Heating
Solar Combi Systems (Thermal/Air/PV)